A whole of system approach to maternity workshop

Moana Research was privileged to attend the ‘whole of system approach to maternity workshop’, which was facilitated by the Ministry of Health in Wellington on 19 July 2018.

Maternity is seen as a priority for New Zealand. The purpose for the day was to have a conversation to help develop and deliver more equitable, high quality and sustainable maternity services. The Ministry of Health has an intentional focus to ensuring the priorities are right as they design and deliver for the future, starting with what action is needed now. The Ministry did acknowledge that change is a process that will not happen overnight, but feedback from the forum is progress moving forward.

Discussions from the workshop included:

  • Community, Environment and Whanau – Let’s talk about how we live and how this influences health and wellbeing.
  • Choice, Equity and Access – Let’s talk about our right to choose how, where and from whom we receive the care we need.
  • Sustainable Workforce – Let’s talk about whether we have the right maternity workforce to deliver the care we need.
  • Quality and Safety – Let’s talk about whether we always deliver quality, nationally consistent and safe services.
  • Service Continuity and Integration – Let’s talk about how easy it is to access any other health and social support we need.

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