Children ‘s Day and Baby Loss Awareness Week

“We remember all babies born sleeping. Those we carried but never met; those we held but could not take home; the ones that came home but could not stay”. —Baby Loss New Zealand

We will each experience some form of emotional grief in our lives; that’s a simple fact. Most would agree that there are varying levels of sadness that we will endure. How we cope with our grievances depends on how we deal with them.

The loss of a child, at any age, is incomprehensible. The loss of a baby is no different. Whether you are a parent or not, the mere thought is heart-wrenching.

Now, imagine if you are the actual parent or parents who have lost their unborn baby through a miscarriage or stillborn birth. You might be reading this as a person who has experienced such grief and continue to struggle each day to fill the void that remains in your life.

No matter what stage of grief you are in, you’ve probably felt alone or think that no one understands you. You may have also felt ashamed to share your emotional pain. The grief can sometimes be too paralysing even to allow room to move forward.

That’s why charitable organisations like Baby Loss New Zealand here in South Auckland (Papakura) and the services they offer is so relevant. They support parents who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, birth or infancy. They also assist parents in dealing with the difficult decision of a poor prognosis. One of their more unique and cherished services is through the ‘Active Parenting and Tangible Memory Making Service’ – this includes castings, prints and photos at no charge.

Baby Loss Memorial Engraved Candle Holders
Baby Loss Memorial Engraved Candle Holders

As we head into ‘Baby Loss Awareness Week’ the team at Baby Loss New Zealand will begin commemoration events with the annual ‘Children’s Day’, today (the 5th of October) at ‘Baby Loss New Zealand’ headquarters: 6 Tanah Merah Drive, Papakura. From 11 am there will be lots of fun for the whole family to enjoy. Activities will include music and dancing, face painting, touchstone painting, bouncy castle and more.

In its third year, on the 15th of October, a ‘Live Stream Candle Lighting’ service will be held, where the names of babies lost will be read aloud and placed in the ‘Angel’ pond. The place will beautifully light up as friends and families gather in love and prayer.

Moana Research is a proud supporter of Baby Loss New Zealand. If you require non-biased support or know of someone that would benefit from their service, you can contact them on 0800 726 37 to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, if you’d like to make a donation please visit their website for more details.

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