Dr Seini Taufa

First Pacific owned research group to be fully funded by HRC explores mental health of Pacific mothers and fathers

Media Release 30 June 2020 – 12pm The Health Research Council has awarded Dr Seini Taufa of Moana Research – an independent research organisation owned by six Pacific researchers – a ($600K) Pacific Project Grant to explore the response of the health system to the mental health needs of Pacific mothers and fathers. Dr Taufa,

Plan A leaves a better legacy

A group of academics caused some controversy when they proposed a Covid 19 Plan B to the current lockdown approach. I have much respect for these academics who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their field of work, notably not in the field of infectious diseases. In their rather mild defence, the science they reference has some merit, but was devoid of important context.

Fight the virus, not the family

Akaue’anga (Duty of Care) – Every Turanga, Pirianga has Akaue’anga.  This is the acknowledgement and fulfilment of individual and collective duties.   This is a “Duty of Care” that is tied to each role we have.  As a son, my brothers turanga means he often checks up on my parents, making sure they’re watching what they eat or exercising in the bubble and in return they ask him how his day has been especially after a shift as an essential worker.