The year of the Midwives and Nurses- Annie Stevenson

I have been a paediatric nurse for 8 years at Kidz First Medical, Middlemore Hospital. I have also worked in paediatric surgrical and the neonatal unit. I am a New Zealand born Niue woman and take pride in being able to say I am from “The Rock”.

The year of the midwives and nurses- Emily Fuika Soapi

Emily Fuika Soapi is a Tuvaluan clinical nurse specialist, currently in a secondment role working with Pacific Health, at the Auckland District Health Board on a project called Pacific Planned Care Navigation.

The Year of the Nurses and Midwives – Fakaanga Jr Mapa

Being a Tongan male, I am aware of the barriers Pacific men face when seeking help and I want to play my part in removing some. I hope to use the knowledge I have gained through my training and life to better the health outcomes of patients, their family and wider community.

The Year of the Nurses and Midwives – Maria Timote

1. What is your role as a Pacific Nurse / Midwife
I am a Mana Kidz nurse who works in the community. Mana kidz is a nurse led school based programme providing comprehensive healthcare including rheumatic fever prevention services, skin infection treatment and management and health assessments.

One of the best highlights of my nursing career

My recent experience as the Operations Lead at the Otara Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC) located at South Seas Healthcare was one of the highlights of my nursing career and one that will definitely be part of history. The introduction of Covid 19 was a new concept that has made, and continues to make huge… Continue reading One of the best highlights of my nursing career

First Pacific owned research group to be fully funded by HRC

Media Release 30 June 2020 – 12pm

The year of the nurses and midwives – Pauline Sanders

1) What is your role as a Pacific Nurse? 2) What was your role during the Covid 19 pandemic and how did this impact on Pacific families? 3) Why did you choose Nursing? 4) What difference do you want to make in the career path that you are in?

Plan A leaves a better legacy

A group of academics caused some controversy when they proposed a Covid 19 Plan B to the current lockdown approach. I have much respect for these academics who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their field of work, notably not in the field of infectious diseases. In their rather mild defence, the science they reference has some merit, but was devoid of important context.

Fight the virus, not the family

Akaue’anga (Duty of Care) – Every Turanga, Pirianga has Akaue’anga.  This is the acknowledgement and fulfilment of individual and collective duties.   This is a “Duty of Care” that is tied to each role we have.  As a son, my brothers turanga means he often checks up on my parents, making sure they’re watching what they eat or exercising in the bubble and in return they ask him how his day has been especially after a shift as an essential worker.

Dear Unpaid Workers…You are appreciated…

It’s day seven of lock down in New Zealand and after the rush of last week’s announcements and the pace in which everything has happened, I’m still trying to make sense of what it means to be in lockdown and why, even with everything that I know – I still feel a bit anxious.