Fofola E Fala Tongan Family Violence Training: Pasefika Proud

In 2017, prior to the commencement of the Tongan Family Violence Training Programme (Fofola e fala kae talanoa e Kāinga), a group of “cultural experts” chosen by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and/or Alliance Community Initiative Trust (ACIT) were tasked with the responsibility of writing the Tongan Family Violence Training Manual. Part of this process required rewriting the Fofola e fala kae talanoa e Kāinga framework which had already previously been endorsed by MSD.  The aim of the programme is:

  • To build the capacity of Pacific family violence practitioners to identify the risk and protective factors of family violence.
  • To provide culturally appropriate and effective interventions for Pacific victims, perpetrators and their families.
  • Build best practice training and support for practitioners working with and responding to Pacific families and communities where there is violence.

The programme was delivered by myself who was also part of the writing team in 2017 and from the 30 May – 1 June 2018 as a three day module training programme.  The programme introduced the Fofola e Fala kae Talanoa e Kainga framework as a conceptual framework that is a) understood and b) used within the space of Family Violence. It encouraged participants to draw on the richness of Tongan cultural knowledge to better understand and address family violence using Indigenous Tongan knowledge.

Before the workshop, I was asked to explain the Fofola e Fala kae Talanoa e Kainga framework and programme which is available below.