Pasifika make up half of Auckland’s 2021 sudden infant deaths

In 2021, provisional data showed that over half of Auckland’s SUDI deaths were of Pasifika descent. 


My Baby’s Village was created to support parents, caregivers and families with information about caring for baby and helping to promote wellbeing while minimising risks such as SUDI in our Pacific communities.


By raising awareness and supporting our families through acts of love/service makes a big difference, especially for parents. 


There are various ways you can support parents with young children. For example- affirm and encourage, support and take action, and to champion safe sleep. 


Jacinta Fa’alili-Fidow, chief executive of Moana Research, is one of many collaborators of the initiative, providing parents with the skills and support to create safer sleeping environments.  “It’s a tragic loss, any death of an infant is a tragic loss for us- so we wanted to look deeper into what else we could address” she said.


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