Consumer perspectives on Primary Birthing in Counties Manukau Health

Moana Research was comissioned by Counties Manukau Health to understand mothers views on where they chose to birth (home, hospital or primary birthing unit) and the decisions surrounding this choice.  This project provided an opportunity for mothers and fathers to share their views and experiences, and create an ideal birthing unit which mothers would want to use.

Place of birth for pregnant women living in New Zealand is often planned with women choosing to give birth at a primary birthing unit, secondary or tertiary care unit, or to have their baby at home. This choice is influenced by a range of factors including the proximity of birthing places, whether a pregnancy is low or high risk, sociocultural factors and a woman’s awareness of her options. Evidence has also shown more positive outcomes for low risk women who choose primary births, over women who labour in a secondary care hospital.

The promotion of primary birthing units is therefore considered important due to these positive birth experiences and reduced maternal morbidity among mothers choosing to birth closer to home.

To be cited as:
Moana Research. (2018). Consumer perspectives on primary birthing. Auckland: Moana Research.

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