Kasey Brown – Pharmacist

Talofa Lava, Mālō le soifua maua ma le lagi e mamā. O lo’u igoa o Kasey Brown. ‘Ou te sau mai Ueligitone, ae ou te nofo i Gisborne. O mātua o lo’u tina e ō mai mai Samoa, o lo’u tina e sau mai i Fasito’o Tai, Solosolo mā Toāmua.

O a’u o le kemisi i nei Gisborne i le falema’i ma la’u faletalavai fo’i.

Talofa lava, my name is Kasey Brown. I am from Wellington but I live in Gisborne. My grandparents are from Samoa and my mum is from the villages Fasito’o Tai, Solosolo and Toāmua. I am a Pharmacist here in Gisborne at the hospital and also at my community pharmacy.


I have completed my degree Bachelor of Pharmacy at Otago University. I have completed postgraduate papers too; Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy (Otago Uni) and Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy (Pharmacy prescriber) Auckland Uni. I am the first Samoan to complete this qualification in NZ and soon I am hoping to change my registration to be a Pharmacist Prescriber in Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.


I became interested in Pharmacy when I completed some papers in pharmacology and toxicology at university. I was very interested in what medicines do to the body but also what the body can do to medicines and this led me down the path of Pharmacy. I am a huge advocate for pharmacy because believe it or not doctors rely on us for information, how to prescribe, what they can give their patients and medication interactions.


I have always had an interest in science because it’s facts. It’s not subjective it’s not opinionated and coming from a Pacific family sometimes its people opinions and thoughts of others that drives judgement. Science is science and it’s ongoing and it’s learning. I never want to stop learning. I think if you stop learning in any capacity you sell yourself short of a life full of potential.


One of the biggest lessons I ever learnt was from a coach I had in my high school days. Whenever self-doubt crept in he would always say you can always do more than you think you can” and this has stuck with me for everything that I do.


As a Pacific person that has had to go through uni with a solo parent who couldn’t financially support me, nothing held me back. I worked, I studied, I got a scholarship. Anything that meant I was going to be in a better place than my mum without as many struggles.


Find people that support you even if it means stepping back from those that are negative or try and put you down. Society doesn’t like to see people achieve these days. For a short part of your life ,if you want to have more you have to work more. Simple.

If you are interested in studying Pharmacy please see the careers.govt.nz page here to see more information.