Latai’s Lockdown Diary – 10 years of age

Week 1 Of Lockdown

Malō e lelei, my name is Latai and I’m nine years old. I am Tongan and I go to St Anne’s Catholic School in Manurewa. This is my story of what Lockdown was like for me.

I am an only child and I have two bubbles. I stay with my mum on school days and I go to my dad’s house on weekends and holidays. I wasn’t sure what to expect during this Lockdown but I was looking forward to spending time at home with my mum and my baby cousin. I enjoyed doing lots of things at home such as baking scones, fresh bread, and we even had a picnic outside of our house (super cool, right?!). My mum and I did many exercises outside and netball drills too. I was SO tired! We even did yoga.

It was relaxing and it felt AMAzing! I had my first ever Zoom meeting and it was fantastic because I got to see my classmates and friends! I also borrowed books online for the very first time. It was very entertaining because I got to read all the books I wanted such as graphic novels and diaries.

On the last day of school, one of my teachers was leaving our school. I was miserable because I didn’t get to say goodbye to her in person (hello darkness my old friend:( ). However, she left a lovely video message for us on our class Google site.

Week 2 of Lockdown

On the second week of Lockdown I wanted to get out of our house. My mum suggested we should go for a walk and I happily agreed. We took my cute, little baby cousin on his pram, I was on my awesome bike and off we went to our favourite walkway by the sea!! (refer Featured picture at the top of this page).

In this neighbourhood, we discovered many teddy bears being displayed around the houses. I felt SUPER DUPER happy because the teddys just gave me a great big smile on my face. They were so adorable! My favourite ones were of these enormous teddy bears with their cute little babies having a tea party!

Big Teddy bears having a tea party with baby bears

At the end of week two, I was tired of doing school work and I felt lonely because my baby cousin is only one year old and he doesn’t really know how to play like a nine-year-old girl. I wasn’t allowed to go to my dad’s house because my mum wasn’t sure whether they were safe from the coronavirus. I felt a bit sad not to see them in person. However, I enjoyed video calling them because I still got to see their faces.

Week 3 of Lockdown

By week three I was getting sick of the Lockdown. I wanted to see my dad, cousins, friends and my teachers. My mum felt sorry for me because I was FINALLY allowed to spend Easter weekend at my dad’s house!!! I was pretty crazy about the germs but it was still ok because I was going to my second bubble!!

Easter is extra special because Jesus died and he rose from the dead. We had a family prayer every morning and evening led by my aunt. We had an Easter egg hunt organised by my Dad where we went all around to look for candy. I found SO much candy, 31 in total (including the ones that my dad threw out his window). We spent most of the weekend playing outside which was great fun. My dad made up games for us to play and it was the BEST game ever! It got our whole body moving and we were really tired after all that!

Week 4 of Lockdown

It’s almost the end of lockdown, BUT we are only going to move down to level 3. This is also the first-week of Term 2. We have a new teacher and his name is Mr Gibbs. He is the only male teacher in the school (well I wouldn’t say the only male because there’s Mr Ross but he’s only like a helper). Mr Gibb is really tall and he used to play Netball!! I helped with chores such as cooking, washing and cleaning at home. My mum and I started reciting the rosary in Tongan every morning and night and it takes a loooong time!

I’m getting used to everything now since there’s going to be Zoom meetings every day and I’m going to be studying from home for a while. I don’t REALLY feel alone anymore because I get to see my cousins from my dad’s house (yes!! :)!).

After Lockdown

I look forward to life returning to normal after Lockdown. I am excited to go back to school to see my friends, teachers and do my after school activities. This includes playing netball for St Anne’s and my Swimming Club. I also want to go to my favourite place, the beach!

Me at the beach earlier this year

My mum and I are planning to plant more vegetables in our garden and buy some reading chairs for our verandah! I also look forward to travelling, hopefully to Tonga or Niue to swim in the crystal clear ocean!