My Baby’s Village

My Baby’s Village shows important roles families can play to support parents and caregivers of babies. It is also a place to seek information about caring for baby and helping to promote wellbeing while minimising risks such as SUDI in our Pacific communities.


By working together as a family/village, doing small or large acts of ofa (love) makes a huge difference.  Now more than ever it is important for us to reach out and provide a village of support for our babies, our mothers, our fathers.”


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Our stories

At 23, Erykah and Caleb are young parents and full-time carers to Luca (2) and Sadie (3 months). Their son Luca was born with a rare brain abnormality which means he is unable to see or walk and requires 24-hour care. The young family has the full support of their families and wider fanau.”


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