We have hosted a number of seminars for community groups, parents, teachers, educators and health professionals.
Digital Discipline Seminar

23 June 2021


Facilitaed by Tony Laulu from Digital Discipline, the seminar provided teachers, parents, communities and anyone wanting to learn about the management of screen time, social media, welbeing and practical solutions.


Visit the Digital Disciple website for more information.



Children for Change Seminar

29 November 2019


The purpose of the Children for Change seminar was to promote Pacific child wellbeing through a cross-disciplinary, family-centred forum.


The aims were to:

  1. Further explore how the new Child & Youth Wellbeing Strategy supports Pacific children and their families
  2. Raise awareness and update stakeholders, including families themselves, on initiatives and evidence-based information relating to the wellbeing of Pasifika children in New Zealand.


Read a summary of the seminar report here.