Overcoming debt and money problems

Scoping research commissioned by Christians Against Poverty

Project background
Christians Against Poverty (CAP) commissioned Moana Research to reach out to eligible families, to seek their views on engagement and motivation factors that would encourage them to access CAP services, building on scoping work and promotional resources developed to date. CAP Debt Help, provides practical, holistic assistance across New Zealand in 47 locations, and is facilitated by Debt Help coaches who provide free and confidential advice and support services.

The project was guided by the Kakala framework, Kaupapa Māori principles, and talanoa. Seven focus groups with European, Māori (x2), Samoan, Tongan, Tertiary students, and mixed ethnicities were facilitated (n=34) alongside an online survey which was completed by 214 participants. Several marketing materials developed by CAP were also reviewed and tested.

Benefits for families and communities
helping individuals and families with debt and financial hardship. Importantly, it provided several suggestions to increase CAP’s reach with Māori and Pacific communities. Sharing personal and family testimonials were particularly important for individuals to build trust with CAP and a sense of hope they too can achieve financial freedom and security.

christians against poverty focus group