Pacific Peoples Health – Gout Data Insights

Pharmac has released its second report as part of its medicine access equity monitoring and outcomes framework. The Pacific people’s health – Gout data insights report looks at medicine access inequities for Pacific peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand, specifically in the prescribing and dispensing of medicines for gout.


The insights in the report highlight the health needs of Pacific people living with gout are not being met. Despite gout’s prevalence in Pacific peoples continuing to climb, access to preventive gout medicine remains inequitable. With Pharmac sharing these insights and developing their framework, this can drive change and positive action, influencing better health outcomes for Pacific peoples.


Special acknowledgement to our Moana Research team, Jacinta Fa’alili-Fidow, Nalei Taufa and Samuela ‘Ofanoa for their work and expertise that guided the Pacific review process.  Furthermore, special acknowledgements to our other amazing reviewers Dr Malakai Mahunui ‘Ofanoa and Dr Susan Reader. Last but not least, special acknowledgement to  Lemalu Alexa Masina, Pharmac Senior Advisor, Pacific Responsiveness Access Equity, Engagement and Implementation Directorate for making this partnership possible.


View the full report here.