Pacific wellbeing in Aotearoa Talanoa

Earlier this month, the Ministry for Pacific peoples created space for a number of community leaders, academics, professionals and young people to gather and input into a new all of Government Pacific Wellbeing Strategy.


With $6.6 million announced to support the establishment of a Pacific Wellbeing Strategy – this first meeting provides an important step forward to ensuring there are culturally responsive measurements for Pacific communities across various Government work programmes.


With an immediate focus on the needs of Pacific communities following COVID-19, there is a greater appreciation of needing to consider, as reflected by Senior Researcher Nalei Taufa:

“all the strands that intermingle with that including intersectionality, inequity, the complexities, and common threads, the multidimensions and layered levels, across faith groups, across the diaspora, across the regions, across gender & sexuality, across determinants and drivers of health and wellbeing, across generations, languages and ethnicities. Now even – across terrains of the digi-spora, in consideration of the times like the pandemic and climate change.” 


The establishment of a Pacific Wellbeing Strategy is an important step forward for Pacific communities in Aotearoa. We look forward to being involved in future workshops to help develop and refine wellbeing measurements across the various terrains as described by Nalei above. 


For more information about the workshop and work planned ahead, visit the MPP link here.