Provisional vaccinators training workshop

As part of our work with the Immunisation Advisory centre (IMAC), we were blessed to support IMAC’s Pacific Engagement Advisor, Siufofoga Matagi, by helping to faciliate a second face-to-face Pasifika provisional vaccinators training workshop.

These workshops aim to build the immunisation workforce to support the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) campaign and the rollouts for the Influenza and Covid-19 vaccines. A big congratulations to the nurses who completed their training and are now authorised vaccinators!

We were also very fortunate to have presentations from Immunologist Chris Puliu’vea (Tongan) and Virologist Dr Natalie Netzler (Māori and Samoan) who shared their knowledge on immunology, viruses and vaccines specifically Covid-19. Both Chris and Dr Netzler  are currently doing important research looking at the role of unique Pacific gene variants in immunity and metabolic diseases and are aiming to connect more with the Pacific communities. 

If you are interested in helping our communities get vaccinated, be sure to keep a look out for more upcoming Pasifika provisional vaccinators training workshops.

The Provisional Vaccination workshops are open to health care professionals and appropriate health sciences students, with other workshops catered to include community health workers, health care assistants and community groups.

For more information about these workshops, please contact Siufofoga Matagi at [email protected]