Registered Nurse Vaccination Story- Judy Ikihele

Moana Research and the Immunisations Advisory Centre have been working together with Virologist Dr Natalie Netzler and Immunologist Chris Puli’uvea (PhD candidate) to deliver zoom fonos to provide our Pacific communities with clear information about the COVID-19 virus and vaccinations. In a bid to help break down the science through a combined presentation following a question-and-answer session, the fonos have so far engaged Pacific families during one focused on youth and another one for pregnant mothers. Below we share stories of those who made the decision to be vaccinated and what their experiences have been so far.


Where are you from in Niue and what is your role/job?

My mother Talamanogi Taufelila Ikihele is from the village of Lakepa, Maleloa & my dad Haiaga Ikihele is from the villiage of Togulu Tamakautoga, Niue Island.

I work for ProCare as a Clinical/Cultural Advisor.

I also work at the Covid19 Otara Pacific Vaccination Centre and also at Covid19 vaccination event pop-ups.


Why did you choose to get vaccinated?

I choose to get vaccinated to protect myself, my parents & my son.


Did you have any concerns and how did you address them?

At first, I did have concerns about the Pfizer vaccine, not having enough information but I changed my decision to get vaccinated. It would be an unreasonable decision to vaccinate patients but to not receive the Pfizer vaccination myself. To protect myself and my family as I am an essential worker that visits clinics/vaccination sites. 


What message do you have for others around vaccinations?

Don’t listen to what you hear on social media. Talk to your Doctor/Nurse at your local medical centre regarding Pfizer vaccine. Furthermore, research and read upon reliable sources such as Ministry of Health or Covid19 vaccine-Health Navigator website, that will give you reliable answers to your uncertainty.

Judy and her family


What do you love about your job/role?

I enjoy meeting new people and serving the South Auckland community. Being able to provide information to our Māori and Pasifika members of the community. Also being able to see the community take their first step into receiving their Pfizer vaccination.



COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccination


English (3 mins)

COVID-19 – Talanoa presentation


Tongan (10 mins)

COVID-19 – Ngaahi fehu’i mo e tali


Tongan (13 mins)