Te Piringa: Whānau-centred, Māori and Pacific-led Primary Health Care

Commissioned by Te Puni Kokiri in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Pacific peoples.

Project background

Te Piringa is the first Ministerial commissioned body of research that informs the opportunities about how to explore the use of a whānau-centred approach to primary health care services which could lead to improved Māori and Pacific health and wellbeing outcomes.

The metaphor of Te Piringa has been drawn upon as a way to create space for shared and unique expressions of Māori and Pacific Peoples. Te Piringa provides shelter, a haven of refuge, as well as a link between peoples, lands, and ways of being.


Te Piringa is an independent body of research undertaken by a collaborative group of Māori and Pacific researchers – Moana Research, FEM Research Limited and Ihi Research Limited. Collectively the researchers engaged in kaupapa Māori research and Pacific research approaches.

Interviews with Māori and Pacific providers and scoping of existing information and literature resulted in four research products:

  1. A literature review
  2. Six case studies
  3. A rubric report (embargoed)
  4. A synthesis report (embargoed)

Benefits for families and communities

Te Piringa continues to inform planning and decision-making regarding primary health care and commissioning for families. With the Health & Disability restructure aligning with a bicultural framework, transition work is underway to establish a Māori Health Authority alongside a National Health Authority.