Thank you for being a NURSE

The Pacific nursing workforce in New Zealand continue to be strengthened and has seen many pioneers pave the way for numerous initiatives that have been implemented today to address workforce recruitment, retention and development.  Some of these initiatives include:

  • Bachelor of Nursing Pacific – Whitereira Polytechnic, Porirua
  • Bachelor of Nursing Pacific – Manukau Technical Institute of Technology
  • ANIVA programme
  • Pacific Nurses Associations consisting of:
    • Samoan Nurses Association – Tausi Soifua Samoa
    • Tongan Nurses Association NZ
    • Cook Island Nurses Association Aotearoa (CINAA)
    • Niue Nurses Association NZ Incorporated (NANNZI)
    • Fijian Nurses Association
    • Tuvalu Nurses Association
    • Pan Pacific Nurses Association

As nurses move forward, we will continue to evolve.  However, some of the fundamental elements, such as advocacy and treating everyone like human beings, will remain and are crucial when caring for our families.

Nursing is now a sought after vocation and gives nurses greater career prospects.  Today Moana Research would like to acknowledge all nurses as we celebrate International Nurses Day.  We recognise the amazing work they provide to ensure families and communities reach their full potential of health and wellness.

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