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The year of the Midwives and Nurses- Annie Stevenson - Moana Research

The year of the Midwives and Nurses- Annie Stevenson

Annie Stevenson (Nicholas)’

Annie Stevenson – The year of the Midwives and nurses.

1. What is your role as a Nurse? And in particular a Niuean nurse.

I have been a paediatric nurse for 8 years at Kidz First Medical, Middlemore Hospital. I have also worked in paediatric surgrical and the neonatal unit. I am a New Zealand born Niue woman and take pride in being able to say I am from “The Rock”.  In paediatrics there aren’t very many Niue nurses, I hope to inspire more Niue nurses to work within this area. I hope that I projects I am involved with will help create better health outcomes for not only our Niue people but all Pacific Islanders.

2. Why did you choose nursing?

As I reflect why I chose nursing I can remember back in nursing school thinking about this and saying I chose it because I wanted to help people. It’s funny because most nurses would probably say the same thing. For me now with the experience I have within nursing, I chose it because I could connect with people, I could laugh and sympathise with them and even grieve with them. It’s amazing to see the progress your patients can make with the care you provide, but not only you, seeing the wider team work together to ensure we provide the best care for better health outcomes.

3. What difference do you want to make in the career pathway that you are in?

The difference I hope to make within nursing is that everyone has the knowledge to be able to take control of their health. Knowledge is not only about how to treat sickness. It’s also about how to access services needed for health and well-being. There is so much support out there but many are not aware or are not taking advantage of it. This is especially with our children, we are trying to create wrap around services that allow these families to remain in contact with the health care system at all points.

Winning Young Nurse of the Year was an amazing experience, especially as a Niue woman and a Pacific Islander. To be able to represent my family and cultural heritage was a real honour. It has given me more motivation to continue the work that I am doing and to help pave the way for our Pacific nurses. 

4. What are some tips for someone who would like to pursue a career in midwifery or nursing?

Nursing is a great career to pursue. It’s both challenging and rewarding. Nursing takes time – you don’t always have to know everything. Nursing takes practice – your skills will develop, you just have to continue to practice them. Nursing is about experience – take any opportunity to learn and experience procedures or assessments. You will have good and bad days so take each day as it comes.

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