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The year of the midwives and nurses- Emily Fuika Soapi - Moana Research

The year of the midwives and nurses- Emily Fuika Soapi

Emily Fuika Soapi

Emily Fuika Soapi

Emily Fuika Soapi- The year of the midwives and nurses.

Emily Fuika Soapi is a Tuvaluan clinical nurse specialist, currently in a secondment role working with Pacific Health, at the Auckland District Health Board on a project called Pacific Planned Care Navigation.  As a clinical nurse specialist, she plays an integral part to assist and support Pacific patients who are waitlisted for surgery. In addition, being of Tuvaluan descent, provides understanding of Pacific worldviews when working with Pacific patients and families.   Furthermore, the ability to speak the Tuvaluan language, places emphasis on Emily’s ability to engage and communicate effectively among Pacific patients, families, and communities. 

Emily wants to instil confidence, empowerment, and trust in Pacific families so that they are: 

  • fully equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and skills to access the health system   
  • increased awareness of how to navigate the system,  
  • engage more positively with health services.  

‘I hope the effect of our current work around health equity will ultimately shape our health care system to ensure it is responsive to Pacific and Maori needs and that the changes made are at local, regional and government level.’ 

Emily’s inspiration to help take care and support people was her motivation to choose a career in the healthcare industry.  After working in a private hospital Emily, chose to complete her nursing career which she further gained experience in neurology and neurosurgery. She is also completing her masters research dissertation paper on Pacific workforce development. 

Emily believes if you have a passion for health care and people then nursing or midwifery can be for you.  In addition, there are plenty of scholarships available for Pacific students and encourages those to, ‘maximise them to your advantage!’ 

Emily has an amazing family with a supportive partner and 3 beautiful minions who are aged 12-months, 7 years and a 14 year old who is at high school and states that, ‘Without them I probably would have gone insane’

Please click on the links provided below for more information about a career in nursing.


1. Auckland university of technology

2. Massey university
3. The University of Auckland
4. The University of Cantebury
5. The University of Otago
6. Victoria University of Wellington
7. Manukau Institute of Technology
8. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
10. Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
11. Wintec New Zealand
12. Western Intistute of Tecnology at Taranaki
13. Whitireia New Zealand
14. Ara Institute of Cantebury
15. Eastern Institute of Technology
16. Otago Polytechnic
17. Southern Institute of Technology
18. Universal College of Learning
19. NorthTec

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