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Pacific Maternal Mental Health Webinar
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Moana Research Webinar Series 1 – Pacific Maternal Mental Health

This is the first webinar from a series of webinars that Moana Research will be hosting. Our first webinar topic was Pacific Maternal Mental Health and featured amazing panellists who share a vast amount of experience working for and with our Pasifika mothers and families, in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

Questions from the Webinar

Pasifika are often late presenters with Midwives – why do you think this is and how do you think we could support Pasifika women to engage earlier with a Midwife?

Jemaima: It’s very complex. One explanation is that Pacific women are usually the go to in the household and will often put her needs second to those of her family etc. So presenting late is not abnormal for some Pacific women.

What do the panellists consider to be some of the barriers to Pasifika women seeking online help & support, and some potential solutions to overcoming these barriers?

Jemaima: Other than there being no Pacific-focused platform to do this, other issues include lack of access to resources to use these services such as laptops, wifi capabilities etc. 

Currently we use the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Tool as part of our screening of our women for postnatal depression.  I have not found this tool particularly appropriate for the Pasifika women I work with in practice.  Is there a tool specifically designed for use with Pasifika? If not are there other tools out there that may be a better fit?

Jemaima: As far as I know, a Pacific one that exists is the work by Sam Manuela, however not postnatal depression specific – this too is half the issue, in that the space is dominated by mainstream rather than Pacific ways of knowing and doing.